Battlerun - Half Marathon (21.097 KM)

Rules And Guidelines

  • Race Distance: Half Marathon (21.097Km)
  • Members per team: 4 with a minimum of 1 Woman
  • Battle Run will only be open to Amateur Male (Timing of 1:35hrs and slower) and Amateur Female (Timing of 1:45 hrs and slower).
  • Criteria: The aggregate timing of each group will be calculated to arrive at the Winners, 1st runners up and 2nd runners up positions.
  • Each Running Group is allowed up to a max of 3 teams (Subject to availability of slots)
  • The Team leader has to provide timing certificates of timed races run in the preceding 12 months, including ibvvmm-2017 of all the participants.
  • A maximum of 1 change per team will be allowed before the last date of registrations i.e. 20th November, 2018.

How To Register

  • Registration can be done as a four member group. The group leader can register for the group with all the relevant details of the group in the battle run tab at
  • Runners who have already registered for the The Half Marathon category individually can form their teams. A representative or leader of the running group has to send an email with the Name of the group, names of the confirmed runners, their timing certificates and their bib numbers to
  • The Running group will receive an official e-mail confirmation.

Race Day Criteria

In the event of an individual from a running group achieving his PB on the race day a leeway of 2 minutes (1:33:00 Men & 1:43:00 Women) will be allowed while determining the aggregate timing of the group.

Prize Money

  • 1st: 1,50,000/-
  • 2nd: 90,000/-
  • 3rd: 60,000/-